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Dumpster Day Correction!
Saturday, November 7. Previously, the County had said the collection date would be October 3. That is incorrect. Dumpster Day for the Burbank will be Saturday Nov 7.
The dumpster will be on Scott between MacArthur and Patton. Details will be mailed to your house from Green Team San Jose, the waste collection contractor for the County.


I880-I280 Interchange
Looks Familiar?

If this photo, taken on the Stevens Creek I880 overpass, looks familiar, it should – it's the central element of the BCA logo (see the header image on the top of all our webpages). This design is cast into multiple panels on the Stevens Creek overpass, providing a decorative element to the concrete barriers that are part of the bridge's sidewalks. Even the paint colors were chosen to echo those of our Burbank Community Association logo.

During the extensive public hearings in the I280/I880/Stevens Creek project, residents expressed the desire for the project to incorporate artwork recognizing the Burbank Community.

Thanks to VTA and CalTrans for making this a reality.

VTA I-280/I-880 Project Info Site

BCA General Meeting – Sept 22
Next meeting: Tuesday, September 22, 2015. 7:00 PM.   Rose Garden Library Community Room, 1580 Naglee at Dana. See story at left.

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BCA  Meeting – June 2015   More...

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First Tech Credit Union closes West San Carlos branch. Read more....

Bascom Business block shuttered See story at left.

Minutes of BCA meeting Jan 27. Download in PDF.

Save the Burbank Theater!

Once a thriving community entertainment center, now just a relic. Undone by the construction of the 280 freeway, this community icon is now threatened with foreclosure and possible destruction or indefinite mothballing. The Studio Sharise tenant is trying to gain control of the building, hoping to restore or expand the retail areas and enhance the current art and dance studio. Read how you can help Save the Burbank.

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Bus Rapid Transit Corridor
Tour the proposed West San Carlos Bus Rapid Transit Corridor. More...

Free trees for Burbank residents! Trees shade and cool your home, and increase your property's value. Read More...

Chinese Fringe Tree
Burbank Tree Planting – March 17

Emergency Services & Information

Prepared for Disaster?   Get alerts by phone, email, text.   Sign up for AlertSCC   More...

211 Non-Emergency Information Service.  More...

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Next BCA Meeting Tues Sept 22, 7:00 PM
Rose Garden Library Community Room

The next meeting of the Burbank Community Association will be Tueday, September 22, 7:00 PM (new time), at the Rose Garden Library Community Room, 1580 Naglee at Dana. Find out what's going on in your community, voice your concerns, and hear from our elected representatives and law enforcement officials.

Our usual guest speakers are expected to be representatives from the offices of County Supervisor Ken Yeager, the County District Attorney, and representatives from the County Sheriff and San Jose Police Department.

This time we will also feature a representative from the County's Planning Department, and a representative from San Jose Water Co. Have your water questions ready!

Note: the Library will close at 7 PM this night. Do not park in the parking structure, as you will be locked in after that time. There should be plenty of street parking.

Bascom Business Block Shuttered

All the businesses on Bascom Avenue in the block north of Basile were evicted from their shops.

The entire block of business was shuttered at the end of January, and fenced off by the beginning of February.   Among the evicted business were Burbank favorites, including the Apatzingan Market (now at 901 N. 13th St.), Space Cat (moved to 1415 W. San Carlos), Big Al's Record Barn (collection sold to a Brazillian mega-collector, Zero Freitas), the Holland Shop, Time Tunnel Toys (now at 1583 Meridian Ave), and other unique shops.

At the time of the BCA's last meeting on January 28, County officials said that the property had not yet been sold. Burbank residents curious about the block's fate must wait until it is sold and a permit sought for demolition or repair.

In a reply to a resident's concern, Supervisor Yeager's policy aide, Alex Shoor, said of this issue:

If this property gets purchased and there is a new use of the existing building or a new building altogether gets built ... it will automatically “trigger” annexation into the City of San Jose. This property may then become part of San Jose’s “urban village”* plan for the West San Carlos area. As such, San Jose’s Planning Department would receive the initial paperwork before the County.

* Webmaster's note: This area would probably be treated as a "Commercial Urban Village" under the Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan.

Although the physical premises were somewhat dilapidated, the businesses in this block were truly unique and valued by many Burbank residents. We shall miss them, and to those who survive in new locations we wish the best of luck.

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